What is This Pink Stuff Anyway

Plexus is a muli-level marketing company providing their pink product to those wishing to lose weight and inches. However, what is the history of this product, and why am I even talking about it?

The obvious answer would be, I am selling it. Yes. However, I am also going to be exploring this, and providing research and see if this is going to be a sucesfull experiment.

Learn how to lose weight and get paid for it!

The history of Plexus was originally formulated to help people with Type II diabetes. This was done to lessen their insulin dependency and for maintaining proper blood sugar levels. During a study in a diabetic clinic in Salt Lake City, Utah, over half the subjects blood sugar levels were lowered, and after the second week of taking Plexus nearly all subjects’ blood sugar levels were lowered.

The bigger surprise was the subjects finding weight loss, while taking the Plexus. After 3-4 weeks all subjects loss pounds and inches. Think about that.

The developers of the product new they had an effect formula and product. While they attempted to get FDA approval, the Federal Drug Administration only approves “prescription drugs”. While the Plexus provided great results, it still fell under a dietary supplement, not a prescription drug.

With positive results, the developers marketed their product. The FDA did review the developers product’s ingredients, and found all the ingredients safe, with no problems in its use.

This being said, you should not see anyone make medical claims, or outlandish promises. However, I will inform everyone on this blog how my progress


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