My Baseline With Plexus Slim

My wife started her Plexus journey, in order to show results, and provide feedback on the product. To date, I know she has already lost 4 lbs, with only one week into drinking the Plexus Slim.

She tried the accelerator with her Pink Slim, but could not take the full Accelerator pill. We think the accelerator pill either had too much caffeine or something to upset her stomach. At this time she is only taking the Plexus Slim daily, but wil soon start on the Bio Cleanse.

Now for me.

I am around 5 foot 8 inches. I came into this at 220 lbs of weight, with a 38 size pants (38/32 if you really want to know). 20 years ago, I was 120 lbs before marriage. Do I think this will turn the dial back 20 year? No of course not.

I work 9 hours a day, at least, in front of my computer for my primary job. I am just finishing my Bachelor degree, requiring me additional time in front of the computer. After work, school, and family I am pretty much beat. I like most Americans live a sedentary lifestyle.

Learn how to lose weight and get paid for it!

My hope is Plexus will provide three things.

  • My wife to become more healthy
  • I to become more healthy, shedding the excess fat/weight
  • Provide a business as a secondary income

The healthy is pretty obvious. With my current work, I travel often, and I am not really able to get a secondary job in order to provide extra income. If Plexus does to my family, as I am seeing results provide others, I see no reason why this product will not sell itself.


Check out my wife’s Plexus blog, to keep up with her results. Sign up under her and try the product for 60 days. If it works, then become an ambassador like us. If not, Plexus offers a60 day money back guarantee.

I will be more than happy to supply the same and offers.

Starting out with 220 pounds, with a pant size of 38/32’s. Let’s see where this takes me.


About Matt Cole

Sr. Interface Analyst by day, and Writer by night. Google+| Facebook| Pinterest|Main Site|Plexus Ambassador#280147
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