Google Acquiring Robotic Companies

Google company continues to buy up robotic start-up companies. Recently Google acquired the company Boston Dynamics. This makes the eight robot maker snapped up, within the last six months.

The company Boston Dynamics designed and produced mobile research robots for US military. The company is best known for its four legged robots, tackling all matter of terrains, with speeds up to 29 mph.

Cheetah, BigDog and Wildcat robots were created by Boston Dynamics. The company is also working on a humanoid robot dubbed Atlas to work in natural disaster areas.

Terminator anyone?


The Cheetah Robot surpasses 20mph, breaking the land record for robots.


A high mobility humanoid robot, able to walk bipedally, allowing the upper arms free to work.


The 11 pound robot that drives like a remote control car, but can jump 30 feet into the air. This robot is reported to be able to jump 25 times per charge.

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