Holder: Indoctrination by Repetition

I wrote an earlier article titled, Educating the Youth with anti-gun ideology, describing how schools are teaching another version of the second amendment. Author T.E. Manley goes into this issue exposing the new curriculum hitting the schools, via the common core.

DownTrend has released a new article, reporting on Eric Holder admitting to brainwashing the kids, via the public schools.

In a C-SPAN video a younger Eric Holder conveys the idea of brainwashing children about guns. The speech he provides in the video, from 1995, discussing the best way to destroy the US Constitution is in the same manner of putting a bad image on smoking cigarettes. By repetition and starting with the youth, until the goal is achieved. This form of indoctrination is nothing new. The question is, should the destruction of Constitutional ideals be allowed within the United States Public School System? If not, who can stop this ideaology from being forced on our children?

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