Educating the youth with anti-gun ideology

With the advent of the recent school shootings, discussion has been brought in the forefront on gun control and confiscation. This argument, technically, started with the Second Amendment in writing, but has not stopped, even to this day.

Groups like Second Amendment Foundation and Citizens Committee for the Right to Bear Arms have been created to promote education and understanding to the citizens about gun rights and bearing arms.

The debate has skewed many false premises on the subject, leaving confusion and misunderstanding regarding what is legal and what is illegal for the common citizen rights to bear arms. Each state has specific laws and regulations regarding firearms. Recently Oklahoma approved open carry for those licensed gun carriers. Gun rights advocates won a victory in Colorado, by removing two lawmakers supporting gun control in the state legislature. On the other end of the spectrum cities like Chicago with stricter gun control is faced with high gang-related violence. The strict gun control does not stop the guns in Chicago.

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