PVIA Update – Acquired the piece of paper

Yes, after a bit of fanfare, I met the manager today at Wister Water Department and acquired the piece of paper. He was sitting at his desk working on creating his fly fishing. He was going on vacation soon and making lures. 

He gave me the paper, where I scanned both sides while sitting at a table. The paper is the same one he submits each month, showing all the chemicals and quantity used. Not sure why it was a big deal. I guess he didn’t think I would take the time to go there. 

He did ask if I was just interested in the Fluoride. I replied I was interested, but also was curious what else was used. The comments he made out of the brief discussion was not so much as snide, but definitely non-belief of fluoride being harmful. 

Essentially, he believed no “peer-review” showed fluoride as harmful. Those that showed it harmful was dismissed or viewed as unqualified. He also commented on spending too much time on this stuff and chasing a ghost. 

Doesn’t matter really. I know there are some who will never accept, regardless of how much facts provided. 



The paper side A is here.
The paper side B is here.

I had no issue in using my own computer and scanner. Some of the things I would do differently are below.

1) Make a list of specific papers of interest and provide this list to the department. This would give them advance knowledge and may cause less time.
2) Create a list of questions you may have. This will help not forget, due to nervousness or distractions.
3) Try to learn the lingo if possible. If you knew what the report name is, it would be easier to request specifics.


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