The fence for Chick-Fil-A

I am drinking my coffee this morning, before the crazy day of work begins. Looking through some Facebook posts and comments I am amazed of division and how simple it is created. Take the Chick-Fil-A for an example. The erected fence was shown with a spotlight due to the private institution not providing their items to events they support. Since this is a privately own company, they should be allowed to do what they wish with their own products. If the individual buyer wishes to provide the company business, then it’s a personal decision.

If this was not a private institution, then the argument for the company to provide their items to all events may stand. However, the argument does not stand, due to this being a private institution.

What defines a private/non-private institution? In simple terms, “A private company may be one that is simply owned by individual citizens, as opposed to being controlled, run and owned by a government.” [1] So if the company is ran by the government, like GE and banks due to the bailout, then one can argue the company should provide for all.

This same view is seen with private and public schools. A private school allows choice students to attend, and can provide their given material, based on the schools choice. A public school accepts all, and must allow all events to use their school grounds, if they are providing the grounds to one event.

So back to the fence and why we erect them? The fence is a metaphor of division. We all have them, even if we do not acknowledge them. The fence can be a pre-dispositional view about religion, sex, political views, just to name a couple. Everyone has a different view and idea of these subjects. Generally we live together in the United States accordingly, by not focusing on division. However, there are certain times the fence is shown clearly and is focused on.

This is what occurred with Chick-Fil-A. Someone pointed out the fence and now others are really focusing on it. Not only are they focusing on it, the message is being misconstrued.

It is being misconstrued due to the company being a private institution some are attempting to treat it as a public company.

So as individuals one can support the company by providing their Federal Notes (Dollars) to them, in buying their items. If you do not, then simply do not. In the meantime, lets keep the arguments clear and do not misconstrue them.

1: Retrieved July 2012


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