Fast and Furious book review with a twist

I was able to finish the book “Fast and Furious” by Katie Pavlich. The book details out the story, having recent headlines in the news (finally). Some of the interesting details I learned was the fact the source or genesis of the story did not come out from the normal news outlets, rather via bloggers and individual journalism. If not for these bloggers and their pursuit of the truth, we may never have learned these details, nor Congress to move on the issue of the two U.S. citizens death. Yes, there were actually two known deaths attributed by the allowance of gun walks into Mexico, regardless of the gun store owners desire not to sell them. The gun shop owners were pushed to do so, by the ATF.

I would highly suggest all to read this unbiased book, to learn the full story. It will provide a better understanding of the story line.

I bring this up not only to convey how well the book is, but also emphasizing the need for individual journalism. The concept of individual journalism, is the normal non-media citizen research worthy news topics to find the truth or understand all the facts. Few today can deny the major media outlets news seem to parallel, with exception of the left and right paradigm. Your viewing is based mostly on your biased view of left and right.

Reading the book and learning the full story was exposed by bloggers, and the website Clean up ATF. The site was originally created due to those officers not allowed to report criminal or mismanaged issues (whistleblowers) without dire consequences. It allows discussion of issues within the ATF. This only re-emphasized my growing understanding for the need of individual journalism.

For those out there, thinking their individual voice would not make a difference, think again. Get activated. Get organized. Get researching. Get the stories out.


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