Letter to Senator regarding Agriculture Reform, Food, and Jobs Act of 2012 Amendment

I came across the article, involving a vote to allow the states the abilty to have their food products labeled if containing a GE (Genetic Engineered) or GMO (Genetic Modified Organism). It was voted overwhelming No by a margin of 73-26. This amendment would give power back to the states, from the federal and allow it’s citizens to make proper choices in what kinds of food they wish to consume. The site showing the votes is found at Senate.gov.

Seems Vermont attempted to pass legislation allowing the state to mandate labeling of GMO. However, Monsanto threatened to sue the state, citing it is a federal right, not a state right to mandate such a request. Hence Senator Sanders attempted to provide this amendment, giving the states said powers.

I showed my Senators has voted no for this legislation, and was really curious why. Thus, I composed a letter today and sent it individually to both my Senators inquiring their decision to vote nay. I am providing it below and will post their feedback.

Anyone can copy and past this letter and inquire with their own Senators, if they wish to understand their representive decision, or thoughts on GMO.

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I wish to take the time and inquire your vote of NAY regarding S Amendment 2310 to S 3240. (Agriculture Reform, Food and Jobs Act of 2012).

While I understand part of the complexity of GE (Genetically Engineered) and GMO (Genetically Modified Organism), regarding the need for a sustainable crop, I am also requesting to have a knowledge which food products contain GE and GMO.

If passed the amendment would have allowed the states to enforce labeling of any foods containing the GE or GMO products. My understanding this amendment was requested partly to the upset of Vermont [1] and a concern with some biotechnology industries threatening to sue the state, due to it being under the Federal, as opposed to the state legislation. [2]. I understand the concern, but this amendment would have reaffirmed state’s rights over federal rights.

Moving forward, there is a great desire for knowledge of what we eat (food labeling) and a desire to know if those items contain GE and GMO products. California residents provided 1 million signatures to their registrar offices, requesting a referendum on labeling genetically engineered foods. [3] According to Just Label It, 92% in a poll also wish labeling of genetically engineered foods.[4] However, these may be examples within United States, I cannot forget to add the fact 40 countries have already banned or is currently requiring GE or GMO  labeling. United States and Canada still do not require this type of labeling [5], and I wish for this to change.

Respectively, I am asking as an Oklahoma resident, for you to support genetically engineered food labeling, by proposing a similar amendment, take actions toward the ability for states to label their foods,  and allowing each person to have their individual right to choose wisely what they eat.

I look forward to your thoughts and reply.


(Personal name and  home address)




1: Retrieved June 2012


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2: Retrieved June 2012


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5: Retrieved June 2012



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