Everett City Council wearies of anti-fluoride activists

Interesting back and forth debate regarding fluoridated water in Everett City Council. It appears some in the community of Everett City continues to fight in the removal of the toxic fluoride within the public drinking water.

“In the past year, anti-fluoridation activists have asked the City Council at nearly 20 meetings to stop fluoridating water.”

However, the City Council is getting tired of the debate and will not budge. Leaning on the standard “fluoridated water is a safe, low-cost way to combat tooth decay” and stating it is the will of the town people.

The article is an interesting read, showing both sides of the argument.

“The most persistent of the anti-fluoride activists is James Deal, a Lynnwood attorney with an anti-fluoride web site.

He maintains that the type of fluoride used in Everett’s drinking water is a toxic substance and does “little to nothing” to reduce dental decay.

The city supplies nearly three-quarters of Snohomish County with drinking water — including Lynnwood, where Deal lives.”

Toxic Consumption



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