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My Baseline With Plexus Slim

My wife started her Plexus journey, in order to show results, and provide feedback on the product. To date, I know she has already lost 4 lbs, with only one week into drinking the Plexus Slim.

She tried the accelerator with her Pink Slim, but could not take the full Accelerator pill. We think the accelerator pill either had too much caffeine or something to upset her stomach. At this time she is only taking the Plexus Slim daily, but wil soon start on the Bio Cleanse.

Now for me.

I am around 5 foot 8 inches. I came into this at 220 lbs of weight, with a 38 size pants (38/32 if you really want to know). 20 years ago, I was 120 lbs before marriage. Do I think this will turn the dial back 20 year? No of course not.

I work 9 hours a day, at least, in front of my computer for my primary job. I am just finishing my Bachelor degree, requiring me additional time in front of the computer. After work, school, and family I am pretty much beat. I like most Americans live a sedentary lifestyle.

Learn how to lose weight and get paid for it!

My hope is Plexus will provide three things.

  • My wife to become more healthy
  • I to become more healthy, shedding the excess fat/weight
  • Provide a business as a secondary income

The healthy is pretty obvious. With my current work, I travel often, and I am not really able to get a secondary job in order to provide extra income. If Plexus does to my family, as I am seeing results provide others, I see no reason why this product will not sell itself.


Check out my wife’s Plexus blog, to keep up with her results. Sign up under her and try the product for 60 days. If it works, then become an ambassador like us. If not, Plexus offers a60 day money back guarantee.

I will be more than happy to supply the same and offers.

Starting out with 220 pounds, with a pant size of 38/32’s. Let’s see where this takes me.

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What is This Pink Stuff Anyway

Plexus is a muli-level marketing company providing their pink product to those wishing to lose weight and inches. However, what is the history of this product, and why am I even talking about it?

The obvious answer would be, I am selling it. Yes. However, I am also going to be exploring this, and providing research and see if this is going to be a sucesfull experiment.

Learn how to lose weight and get paid for it!

The history of Plexus was originally formulated to help people with Type II diabetes. This was done to lessen their insulin dependency and for maintaining proper blood sugar levels. During a study in a diabetic clinic in Salt Lake City, Utah, over half the subjects blood sugar levels were lowered, and after the second week of taking Plexus nearly all subjects’ blood sugar levels were lowered.

The bigger surprise was the subjects finding weight loss, while taking the Plexus. After 3-4 weeks all subjects loss pounds and inches. Think about that.

The developers of the product new they had an effect formula and product. While they attempted to get FDA approval, the Federal Drug Administration only approves “prescription drugs”. While the Plexus provided great results, it still fell under a dietary supplement, not a prescription drug.

With positive results, the developers marketed their product. The FDA did review the developers product’s ingredients, and found all the ingredients safe, with no problems in its use.

This being said, you should not see anyone make medical claims, or outlandish promises. However, I will inform everyone on this blog how my progress

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More Leaks from Snowden Coming

Edward Snowden leaks state the NSA still has “a huge number of very significant stories to reveal,” including those relating to Israel. Glenn Greenwald, the investigative journalist who first published Edward Snowden leaks tells all, more stories are forthcoming.
“There definitely are stories left that involve the Middle East, that involve Israel. The reporting is going to continue at roughly the same pace that has been happening,” the former Guardian journalist said in an interview with Channel 10 television station that aired Monday night.

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Federal Government Takes Tips

Restaurant servers will lose their 18% gratuity tip from large groups, as of January 1, 2014. A change in tax policy will prevent restaurant workers from collection automatic gratuities. The 18% added gratuity on a group 8 or more will be automatically included in their payroll. This causes the worker to wait up to two weeks for that tip, as well as paying additional taxes on it. It also means minimum wage workers will get less money, while the federal government gets more.

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Sheriffs Say No To Obama Gun Control

The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association have listed 479 sheriffs and 18 state sheriffs associations. The association claims they are “saying ‘no’ to Obama gun control” and “have vowed to uphold and defend the Constitution against Obama’s unconstitutional gun control measures.”

The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association goal is to unite all public servants and sheriffs, to keep their word to uphold, defend, protect, preserve, and obey the Constitutions of the United States of America.

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Google Acquiring Robotic Companies

Google company continues to buy up robotic start-up companies. Recently Google acquired the company Boston Dynamics. This makes the eight robot maker snapped up, within the last six months.

The company Boston Dynamics designed and produced mobile research robots for US military. The company is best known for its four legged robots, tackling all matter of terrains, with speeds up to 29 mph.

Cheetah, BigDog and Wildcat robots were created by Boston Dynamics. The company is also working on a humanoid robot dubbed Atlas to work in natural disaster areas.

Terminator anyone?


The Cheetah Robot surpasses 20mph, breaking the land record for robots.


A high mobility humanoid robot, able to walk bipedally, allowing the upper arms free to work.


The 11 pound robot that drives like a remote control car, but can jump 30 feet into the air. This robot is reported to be able to jump 25 times per charge.

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